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What little you do makes a big different. (A) [a short story]

   I once knew a man who was very educated, talented and righteousness. Always striving and pushing himself to do the best that he can be. During his high school years in a very prestigious private school. He find himself working hard to reach his highest achievement and always looking to get recognition from his friend. After graduating on the top of his class, he prepared himself to embark into the world. Saying to himself "I will work hard to reach the highest expectation and achievement that I can possibly reach". So time went on.

 10 year has passed and all his friends gathered for a reunion. The union was held in one of his friend great mansion. Although he lived in a very beautiful and luxury home, this was truly grand and impressive. As he walked in the folio he met one of his friend who introduced himself and handed him his business card and noticed that that he was a successful lawyer working at a prestigious law firm. He then proceeded with his friend to the main room with all his friend are already gaining acquainted. As all introduction was being made to each other he was among doctors, lawyers, investors, nuclear-engineer and even a senator. Even though he was a success medical equipment distributed making millions a year. He feels that he hasn't done something truly successful or as important as his friends. He believes he has not reached his highest expectation or even a achievement.

 But he doesn't recall the little things that he has made throughout his 10 years.
*Like the time he and that the little girl that was crying because she couldn't do the things that her big brother does in sport. And he advised her that she is capable of doing everything her brother does and even more. All you need to do is put your effort and initiative and you would do great things. Because of that simple advice she grew up not only to defend herself against the abuse of her father, but also to become a successful tennis player winning many championship.
*And like the time when he was walking across the bridge, he passed by a gentleman and greeted him by saying "what a beautiful day it is". He continued on his way not realizing that gentleman looked up and began to contemplate that it was a beautiful day. He then changed his mind and decided not to commit suicide by jumping off the bridge.
*And the time that he save a little girl puppy dog from a raging river. Not realizing that when that dog grow that dog protected the teenage girl from a home invasion burglar. That burglar would have raped her and kill her.
*And the time when he took care of of his father that had cancer. Providing him with the comfort and support he needed to the very end.

Sometime people do not notice the little things that they do this change the course of people live around them. That's so busy trying to achieve great things and big things in order to show any press other people. But those things out only temporary small moment of fame. But those little things that he did last forever and make a big different.


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