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Won't stop fighting.

   Welcome and thank you for visiting my blog. Let us think about this clearly and imagine what was Donna Trump Junior thinking when he received an email of possible incriminating evidence of something about Hillary Clinton. If somebody sent me this email first thing that will come into my mind is curiosity as every human being has it. The second thing that will pop into my mind is as to what will be so serious and the incriminating that devotion would have and would be considered as sensitive material. My imagination will begin to one while thinking of possible Henry Clinton as involved in espionage, or possible evidence of selling or giving top-secret information promotion or other country. Wouldn't anybody be concerned or curious of this possibility?

Does anybody remember when Bill Clinton went to North Korea to get a an American reporter release from North Korea prison? Does anybody remember what was that Bill Clinton exchange to get the American reporter out? Even to the nobody knows what was given to the North Korean dictator in exchange for the American reporter. Maybe this will be evidence that the Russian lawyer might have that will incriminate Clinton? Or evidence as to what really happened therefore American died in Benghazi. These are the many things that I would imagine as to what evidence that the Russian lawyer made suggests that have they may be sensitive evidence.

Doesn't anybody believe that someone should find out and make a meeting with someone that is telling you that they may have incriminating evidence of someone that is running for president of the United States? I would definitely go to the meeting to see if there's something serious that the American people should be aware of incriminating evidence toward Hillary Clinton knowing about her past of lying and deceiving the American people.

But apparently after 20 minutes in to the meeting Donna Trump Junior saw that this was a waste of time and full of nonsense and abruptly decided to leave from the meeting. Since there were no exchange of money or product there is no evidence of any incrimination wrong doing. But don't worry leave it to the liberal media and the radical Democrat to exploit this and take it out of proportion. The whole idea toward the liberal agenda is to keep negative propaganda against president Donald J Trump and the Republican Party. 

This is a technique used in communism or socialism in order to overthrow a country and push their agenda. This is also a technique to make the American people frustrated and tired of listening to the news making them to not to want to listen anymore of the news so it would be easy for them to keep them uninformed of what is really going on in our country. That is why also for many years the liberal Democrat has been pushing to regulate the news media and the Internet.

How did you control is society? By controlling the information they receive. But we as American must not let this frustrate us and continue to get informed of the things that is going on in American society or we may use many of our freedom is the liberal Democrat of working so hard to take away from us. So Donald Trump Junior will be another scandal that we will be hearing for many weeks in order to keep our government and our economy from continuing moving forward. Thank goodness we have president Donald J Trump who was well familiar with this strategy and will continue to fight for the American people and continue to make this country great again.

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Thank you and bless you all.