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December 17, 2014. A time of shame.

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   I'm writing to you all to the great people of America Republic. On this date December 17, 2014 we are witnessing the greatest shame and treason that an American president can perform. No president has ever negotiated with terrorists of dictator, and yet Pres. obama has managed to achieve just that. For other they will view it as a socialist president negotiating with a Cuban socialist government. Again without asking for advice from the Congress or Senate Cuban representative, he went on his own without a clue of what he's doing and established an open dialogue and agreement with the dictator Cuban government.

Before I continue I would like to add a brief personal info about myself and my family descendent. I am the first generation descendent from Cuban family. Just so you were known my parents are not immigrant but refugees, escaping from a communist dictator. I will probably have a better understanding of the struggle of the Cuban exile than the general American population. We have been fighting for almost 56 years against a dictator tyrant with the hope that one day the Cuban nation will be free from the dictator. To be free to express themselves freely without the Cuban police arresting you and put you in prison for speaking out your mind. To be free to express your religious beliefs without the prosecution of the atheist communist government. Regardless of what other have said that the embargo has done little effort, the truth to the matter is that it has made it major contribution in keeping from the Cuban dictator to gaining even more power than the already have. I have heard all kinds of debate of what has been going on in Cuba. And trust me when I tell you that the only negotiation that we should do with Cuba is that the Cuban government openly declared that the government would no longer be under dictatorship. In the Cuban people now have the freedom as equal to the United States. But that has not happened yet.

And now in continuing with my article. I would just like to say that the United States is Probably living in a darkest moment in American history. For without understanding the significant of what has been going on in the Cuban government our socialist president has proclaimed that the embargo has not been affecting the Cuban government. The president has opened his arm to a communist dictator government that still are oppressing the Cuban people there Liberty and Rights. And not only that but the Cuban government has always been a key player in Venezuela converting into a dictator country. I know a great deal of the American people would argue and debate that it is time for the American government to establish some sort of dialogue with the Cuban communist government. But the Cuban communist government has not indicated or shown any sign of freedom or liberty.

And to show that I'm right there has not been any spontaneous outburst of celebrating on the street of Miami to what obama has done with the Cuban communist dictator. And why is that? (To be honestly a great deal of the people that live in Miami that has come from Cuba for the last decade, still have Fidel Castro communist mentality.) Because the traditional conservative Cuban do not see any victory. And I'm not referring to the castro Cuban that we have now in the US. But I'm referring to the conservative Cuban that has been here for 40 or more years. In fact the one that maybe celebrating victory are the Cuban communist government. For they are the one that won the battle. A Victory to communism and a defeat to liberty. And we have to give thanks to the obama administration and those who support him. He has also picked the appropriate time to throw this bombshell on to American history during a time of Jewish and Christian holiday celebration. Bringing shame to the American people and betrayal to the traditional conservative Cuban who has been fighting and hoping to bring freedom and prosperity to the Cuban country.

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What little you do makes a big different. (A) [a short story]

   I once knew a man who was very educated, talented and righteousness. Always striving and pushing himself to do the best that he can be. During his high school years in a very prestigious private school. He find himself working hard to reach his highest achievement and always looking to get recognition from his friend. After graduating on the top of his class, he prepared himself to embark into the world. Saying to himself "I will work hard to reach the highest expectation and achievement that I can possibly reach". So time went on.

 10 year has passed and all his friends gathered for a reunion. The union was held in one of his friend great mansion. Although he lived in a very beautiful and luxury home, this was truly grand and impressive. As he walked in the folio he met one of his friend who introduced himself and handed him his business card and noticed that that he was a successful lawyer working at a prestigious law firm. He then proceeded with his friend to the main room with all his friend are already gaining acquainted. As all introduction was being made to each other he was among doctors, lawyers, investors, nuclear-engineer and even a senator. Even though he was a success medical equipment distributed making millions a year. He feels that he hasn't done something truly successful or as important as his friends. He believes he has not reached his highest expectation or even a achievement.

 But he doesn't recall the little things that he has made throughout his 10 years.
*Like the time he and that the little girl that was crying because she couldn't do the things that her big brother does in sport. And he advised her that she is capable of doing everything her brother does and even more. All you need to do is put your effort and initiative and you would do great things. Because of that simple advice she grew up not only to defend herself against the abuse of her father, but also to become a successful tennis player winning many championship.
*And like the time when he was walking across the bridge, he passed by a gentleman and greeted him by saying "what a beautiful day it is". He continued on his way not realizing that gentleman looked up and began to contemplate that it was a beautiful day. He then changed his mind and decided not to commit suicide by jumping off the bridge.
*And the time that he save a little girl puppy dog from a raging river. Not realizing that when that dog grow that dog protected the teenage girl from a home invasion burglar. That burglar would have raped her and kill her.
*And the time when he took care of of his father that had cancer. Providing him with the comfort and support he needed to the very end.

Sometime people do not notice the little things that they do this change the course of people live around them. That's so busy trying to achieve great things and big things in order to show any press other people. But those things out only temporary small moment of fame. But those little things that he did last forever and make a big different.


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Don't feel ashamed. (A)

  Good day everyone. Today on this article I would like to speak about the sense of pride. We used to have not so long ago. Do y'all remember the time when we used to cheer "USA! USA! USA!". I do remember and I felt the pride that the crowd had when they were cheering. There is really no big reason why we should feel ashamed to show our pride. The United States has done so much to contribute and in today world democracy. That we should feel proud to know that we have some sense of influence in world political development. We started with a great concept for creating an independent Constitution with the common people in mind. Now every government in the world also create some kind of Constitution for the people to guide himself.

   Although history record that there has been a form of Constitution in old world history. There has never been a Constitution dedicated to the common people like the one that was established by the American founding fathers. In fact, the French Revolution was motivated and encourage base on the American Constitution. They are eventually made their own Constitution. But it show a great similarity to the American Constitution. This is something truly that all American should feel proud as a representative of the creation of the 1st Constitution for the common people. Today we have taking for granted what the simple parchment paper truly means to the everyday common American citizen. Below you we see a link that would take you to a website that give more detail of the Constitution.

Who would have thought that a simple parchment paper would have such a profound impact to the everyday common citizen. Other Constitution that were made in old history was mostly design to benefit some sort of Royal monarchy. But it would not benefit to the common people. Even the Roman and Greek also had a form of Constitution. Even our Constitution today give liberty to people in foreign country.

But nowadays it has become very fashionable to jump in and say something negative about the American past. When we are showing pride in how we feel what a great America has to offer. It is almost if someone will find one bad egg and imply that all eggs are bad. Or if there were a group of diamonds and one would have flow and you would assume that all other diamonds also have flow. Out of the thousands of things that this great country has done in the past to benefit the American citizen. People would take one negative thing on the past and put it under a microscope to enlarge it 10x.
Even if we talk about black slavery, people believe that there was going on all across the United States. When in fact, the great majority of slavery was mostly located in the southern region of the United States. And even that the southern region was known to have a great majority of slavery. Not everyone in those particular state encourage or practice slavery. A great deal of the people in the southern region were responsible in creating in helping the slavery escape through the underground railroad slavery. As you can see in the graphic below you will see that the great majority of slavery was practice. Of course I am not justifying in any way that slavery was acceptable.

   But my point is that even though we had dark moments in the United States. It was actually the Constitution that gave wave to bring about the end of slavery in the United States. It was also the common citizen that sacrifice to insured that the black people will be free of slavery. And a great deal of a president behind the motivation to insured that the black people will be free of slavery was Anaheim Lincoln (R). This too also had a major impact around the world in how people should perceive the concept of not having slavery. Another thing we can feel proud to have done. Today it is consider around the world for anyone to have a slave.

I will continue on this topic in the near future. 

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When is charity good, and when it is being abuse. (A)

   Good day everyone and welcome to my blog. On today's subject. I will be talking about charity. Believe it or not sometime it is good to be charitable but sometime it is not. We as American has always been good and kind to our American citizen. We also have been good and kind toward other people in other country. It is part of our fundamental in part of the American style. That is the benefit of being a country full of abundance. Not only did that we have an abundance of food to share with other. But we also had an abundance of wealth to share with other. And we always do it out of the goodness of our heart.

But when our good nature become an abuse and take it for granted. It is no longer be charitable, but being taken advantage. That is deftly not an American style. I have always have a simple phrase, and that is "use but do not abuse".

I just finished seen an interview were Mr. Bill O'Reilly interview Glenn Beck. Although I always appreciate many of Glenn Beck point of view, this is one in which I cannot totally agree with him. We are having a flood of illegal immigrant children coming across the Texas border in thousands. We can go back and forth in debating the reason for the flood of illegal immigrants. But the simple facts is that they are taken a vanish of our good nation. They could be all migrating on the nearby country. But they interned take the longer distant to come to America. They are quite aware that they will receive more in America. Then they would have in their nearby neighbor country. That is okay and quite understandable.

But they also should be aware of the time and the position we are living in in our country today. With $17,000,000,000,000 in deficits, and high unemployment rate. It is quite difficult to become charitable with what we do not have. These days our country spend more than what comes in from the taxpayer. And we also have problem of our own.

This do not put us in a position to give charity out of the goodness of our heart. This put us in a position to be force and be charitable. Glenn Beck made a point that this has been a country that always has helped those unfortunate any need. And that it is true. Every time there's a natural disaster not only in our country but around the world. We are always there to respond. But down this over flooding of illegal immigrant is being manage by government in Latin America to take a vanish of our good nation. And what Glenn Beck is doing is actually encouraging this abuse. There are already help being given to these it illegal children. In fact probably more than we do to our own veteran.

Although it seems that Glenn Beck have his heart in the right place. But his action is in the wrong way. Millions will be given to him in helping his cause. But a great majority of those illegal immigrant have no intention to pursue in becoming a citizen. They are here for only one reason. And that is to take advantage of our good nature, so they may receive some benefit. All of these benefit could have gone to veterans or even children that live in adopted agency program. We do to have children in need. We have people in homeless shelter in need of food and medical attention. And yet somehow they are not enough funding for these agency in group. And now billions will be spent on those majority that do not really care about the American culture.By Glenn Beck doing what he is doing it does not really help the illegal immigrants children. It only send the message to the family and children to continue to embark a dangerous and even a deadly journey to America. This is what he does not see.
This is not the American style.

  Let us say that I have enough food to feed myself and my family and enough money to take care of my financial need in my home. And then all the suddenly 30 people break into my house and asked for help. Although I would sincerely like to help them. But I am in no position to do so. Does this make me a un-religious, unkind or un-American if I am unable to help him? Of course not. But what Glenn Beck is doing is putting the American people in a un-compromise position.

So you must realize when I say when does charity is a good thing, and when it becomes an abuse.

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American United (A)

   Good day everyone and welcome. I would like to start by saying that for the last couple years there is a new condition in conversation. And what do I say this? Not only that I have seen it on television and on the Internet. But I have also experience it when making conversation with people around me. So what is the new condition in conversation I am referring to?
Or let me give you an example. If I was say "What a beautiful sunny day It is". The will probably be additions somebody would jump in and say "Be careful with the Sun Ray for a may cause cancer". Although it may be true, I'm referring to the day in a superficial manner and not to express as a literary attitude. Another example, if I was say "I like eating healthy food like a good mixture of salad". Somebody would probably jump in and say "be careful for it may contain chemical or virus". Again, it may be true, but I'm trying to prefer as to the important of eating healthy food. Obviously we have to be a little bit more cautious of what we eating, including healthy food. But it is just the notion that people nowadays try to look as things in a negative way, or tried to be political correctness.
But here's another example for why I'm writing this article. Like if I was say "what a great country this is" or "this country is truly exceptional". Someone would deftly jumping in committee they criticize all the negative aspect that America has done in the past. It is almost campaign trying to take away your patriotism or you provide toward America. It is almost like it will be a sin to have any admiration for this great country. And also nowadays if you show any pride for this country, you were part of the likely be classified as some sort of racist. It is almost like they are trying not for you to feel United, but push you to feel divided.

You see this kind of conversation, not only in the debate in news network and talkshow. But also on the radio talkshow. And in the Internet. So what is the purpose of this campaign of negative feedback when you show any pride toward the country? Well, it is very simple and you must have heard it before.

"United we stand, divided we fall"

A very common phrase but yet you do not hear it anymore. Also, what people do not realize that if you go to any country in the world. You can find a positive aspect of the country and you can also find a negative aspect of the country. Whether it may be from the past or in the present. I can tell you one thing right now and that is that no one can take away my pride to this great country. It is not that I'm stubborn or close minded. But it's really is a simple fact.

Since the beginning of the founding father when the people were in a 13 colony. And began to to feel a desire to be free from a Royal dictator. It will be the beginning of a Domino affect that would affect other country around the world that are under some sort of Royal monarchy. That was just more than 200 years ago, and the country and around the world are now under some sort of government. Whether it may be a Democracy or a Republic. One thing for sure that many country are now free from some sort of Royal monarchy. No one cannot argue that the cause of this was started by the citizen that were living in America more than 200 years ago.I know somebody will probably find something negative with that statement. But try all you can to find something negative. The fact is that the majority of the country around the world of living free from Royal tyrant.

We just had a celebration a couple of days ago on July 4. People was celebrating with fireworks and barbecue. But I know that a great deal of the people really do not see the incredible significant of that day. We as a responsible citizen and parent should take the time and to the best of your knowledge explained to the children. The significant of that they on July 4. When a really should be referred as "July 4 Independence Day".

I would leave it to that for now, and will pick up this topic again in the later future.

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   Hello and welcome to my blog American style. I know a great deal of you are aware of American exceptionalism. Its unique aspiration has inspired people from around the world to apply this unique fundamental basic to be apply in the culture and in the country. Before our founding fathers the world was dictated by rulers and monarchy. There was very little freedom the people really had. When the founding father of the United States began to establish the ideas and principles. They would have not imagined what impact they will project into the world. They really did not have great power nor they were consider a great spiritual leader. These was simple man who believe that humanity should be able to grow greater than that was permitted and allowed to do. They saw that the soul inside humanity can aspire even greater than they had shown at that time.
And for a brief moment in world history. The inspiration that has been brought upon by the fundamental ideas that our founding father has given us. Has done more good to the world. Then all the previous great history of empires.

 But for the last century I have seen a gradual decline in America exceptionalism and patriotism. And even more in the last decade. That is why I decided to begin a blog bringing back the American values and patriotism. People views has grown in a European style. Also people had gotten a bad habit at every time someone mentioned something positive about America, someone would jump in contract the opposite. Always bringing something negative about America. Instead of appreciating the many positive things that the America has offered.

Yes, there are other blog and website about this subject. But they are always comparing and complaining about others. I would try to avoid as much as possible to bring an issue in a negative way. My objective is to show all the positive attribute in all aspects of American style. Not only as in political but also in our culture and history.

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