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Donald Trump immigration solution (B)

    Good day and welcome to my blog. In this article I will be continuing on the previous article from Donald Trump immigration solution (A). In regarding to many solution proposed by Donald Trump one of them were being securing our southern border. Across the southern border of the United States that is connected to Mexico is California, Arizona and New Mexico. But also one of the largest area in which covers a great deal of the US and Mexican border would be the state of Texas. This will be a state the world take the major undertaking of securing our southern border.

There have been many solution and ideas in regarding how we would protect and create a system to secure our southern border. Some of those ideas are from building a network of sensors and monitors, to building a metal or concrete wall to keep illegal from crossing into the US. In all across the world they are many different system use to protect those country borders. Donald Trump is looking for a way to minimize the low costs for the taxpayer  but at the same time create a reliable system to secure our borders.

   One of those idea that has been proposed come from the system that we already use here in the United States. And that system happens to be something that it is not necessarily used as a form of a border. In fact it is one of the many design use when constructing an expressway system. The design was made to minimize the costs and get a reliable way to build an expressway in areas that require for the road to go over another road. This design has a form that it is a wall but at the same time a create a practical use to make an expressway without interfering other road or obstacle. This system will also help that taxpayer because the expressway can be paid and maintained by tolls. So not only that it will provide a practical use to create a wall and protect our southern border but it can also be used for the American people to get from one destination to another. This simple idea can help solve many solution by using one system.

  To give you some idea of that particular design mentioned above, below you will find some image of the expressway design that is being proposed. Just remember these are some of the idea and design that is being proposed to secure our southern border and helping the American taxpayer.

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