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Doing the best you can for America.

    Thank you for coming and welcome to my blog. Today I would like to share something special with all the American people and the world. Everyone will agreed, that no matter where in the world you are that you are citizen of a particular country. There is something special that you have to share what makes your country unique and special to you. Not only that, I would like to share what makes America for me special, but also the obligation we have toward the world. I would like to begin by saying that although what happened on September 11, 2001, was a terrible tragic that occurred on American soil due to a foreign terrorist. It has also made many American reflect and appreciate the many things that we have in this great country. For many years we have gone about doing things and taking for granted many things that our founding fathers has laid ground for us. Not realizing the enormous freedom that we have that has been provided to us through the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. These are the things that I personally never quite realize and appreciate it until the day of 9/11.

Since high school when I began on my spiritual journey . I have dedicated myself doing the best that I can seeking to improve my spiritual aspect. Going to conference and listening to words of wisdom and the things that surround us in our metaphysic world. And also improving upon my physical well-being and learning to eat nutritional food and taking care of the physical body. These are the things that truly makes who I really AM. Never giving too much interest of the enormous freedom that I had and where it has come from. It was almost like breathing the air and not thinking about it where it come from and how it is possible for me to have an abundance of free air. The same thing goes for the abundance of freedom that I have without realizing where it comes from and how it is possible for me to have so much of it. I have basically to become just about anything my heart desire. But then after the 9/11, the American people is about to be tested in ways they never imagined.

Since then there has been an awakening of patriotism and Constitution awareness. Although we do not see it as much as since 9/11, but for a brief moment where every you go in America, you would have seen a display of American flag everywhere. You cannot deny yourself knowing exactly where you were. But now you still see some display of American flag, but not as much as before. Other display that we have not seen for a long time in this country was a display of unity in which everybody identified themselves not as a Republican or Democrat, but as an American one nation under G-d. But that has changed also, for now we are more divided than we were, since the Civil War.

But nevertheless, for me it has changed a great deal of the aspect of my life. Even in high school government class was never my best academic class. I do not know how I managed to pass the class. But since 9/11, I began to take some interest in trying to understand the politics of this country. I will admit that I'm still not to fund about the subject, but I am geting more educated in some aspect of politics. In fact, when I first register to become a voter, I register myself as a Democrat, thinking that it was a party that had the people in mind and basically to rebuild against my parent. It is true what they say sometime "I was young and stupid". But then during the Clinton administration I began to become a little bit more aware of the politics and the party. Seeing the mess that the Clinton administration has created, I took the first step in getting involved more into politics. That is when I converted into the Republican Party and have not looked back ever since. So without getting into an argument or a debate in this article I am just going to leave it to that.

And so I also began to learn a little bit more of what was the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. And without realizing how it all began, I began to see how so many people around the world began to fight against the royal empire and how they try to establish the same principle in which our founding father has established in America. Even though today many country do not like America, but yet have our system and laws that are model after our Constitution and Bill of Rights. It is almost like saying "we hate the American but we like your system". Of course, without getting into an argument or debate I'm just going to leave it to that.

Like I mentioned before that I was doing my best I can in seeking the spiritual path. I was also doing my best that I can for America. I always have participated in the election when it comes to voting. But then a few years later, after the 9/11 I began to participate in helping political candidate. I would have never imagined seeing myself playing the role in participating in political party. But I did my best I can. But also another thing that I would have never imagined seeing myself a few years ago, is beginning in social network. Although a lot of people talk about Facebook, my first experience in social network was in Google plus. Here I learned a great deal more than I have learned in high school during my government class. Not only that have learned more of what's going on in our government, but also between the different of news media.

I've always thought that all news media work under the same principle of reporting of the fact. But that is completely the opposite of what I have learned. I have discovered some news media report the news in a liberal point of view while other report the news in a conservative point of view. Luckily, my point of view and values has always been a conservative point of view. And even in the news media there is a great division between point of view. And that is truly unfortunate for in order for the American people to be educated and aware of what's going on in this country and the world, we need to have a media that bring us the news that a base on fact rather than personal view. But also without gaining into an argument or debate. I'm just going to leave it to that.

But going back to my experience in social network. I have been very fortunate to come across many wonderful Google plus members. When I began exploring the social network I was innocent and naïve not aware of the complex that goes around in social network. Also, picturing myself never really getting too involved in social network, but I have began on an incredible path of discovery and participating in the world of social network. Meeting wonderful people that like to share the ideas and thought to perfectly good strangers. Like +Janeka Smith who began with people in Google Plus just to socialize with them, But has grown to be a defender of the Constitution, and especially the second amendment right. Also, she has come to my rescue when I had trolls come after me for having conservative point of view. I also met her friend +Pam B who join in with +Janeka Smith and others to the rescue me when I was being harassed by a troll. She always shown her loving pet, a golden retriever and her daily event. I've also met +Laura Harris who always begin the day and end the day with her wonderful wisdom and thought of the day. I also met +ramesh cha who also bought his daily wisdom from India culture. I have also met +Mark Wilson KT. KM. USA. who was so generous to help me out in Moderator In some of my community that I have in Google plus. I also had the privilege to be a follower of a Google plus member +Isabel Navarro  who has always share wonderful wisdom and thought, But now is no longer with us in the physical world, but has taken the journey into the spiritual world, spreading her wisdom. But she had good friends like +Mariana Peianov and other who had kept her profile open as a tribute to her wisdom.

There are many many more members that I would like to recognize as a major contributor for me to waking up every morning to go to social networking in Google plus, But I hope they understand that I'm trying to keep this article short not turn it into a book. Doing the best I can to be a good participant in Google plus social network by posting great image of owl and spreading what little wisdom that I have. Also creating many community of important interests and creating blog like this one and my other blog . Always doing my best that I can to bring important interests into view.

But like I said before, my spiritual path has always been my fundamental basic of who I AM. But I also have to recognize that sometimes the world does not involve around me. I must also be a participant of what goes on in America and the world. That is why I consider myself as a sacrifice, when I go out of the way and try to be a defender of American principles and a defender of conservative religious Christian-Judeo view. America and the world is going through a unique point of time in which many of the values are being tested against a force that is trying to dominate the world through terror and killing. I am talking about the Islamic cult. I have always been a tolerant of many religion believe and point of view. But is quite clear that the Islamic cult that is based on the Koran has only one agenda and no other. Destroy everything that does not represent the Islamic cult. I had been studying since 9/11, the book of the Koran and is quite clear that the fundamental ideology is total and absolute submission to the Islamic cult or death. Some may show you some peace and loving version that is in the first couple of chapter in the Koran, but neglect to show you the great majority of the Koran and the true agenda. Without getting into too complex of religious or political aspect of the Islamic cult. I would tell you only one thing and that is to take upon yourself to research and educate yourself. Not only the Koran, but the Hadith and other books and video that show you the truth Islamic cult fundamental ideology.

When a religious would kill children for watching a soccer game, or abuse and killed woman and little girls or kill a cartoon artist for making fun of the religion. There is something definitely wrong going on with that particular religion. Of course I have found myself in many debate with Muslim in which they justified their action comparing other religion in the past. But their basic comparison is like saying that someone spend $10 On illegal drugs. So it is okay for them to spend $100 or $200 on illegal drugs. Or like saying that someone go hunting for duck and shoot one duck so it is okay for them to shoot every duck until they are all extinct. That has always been there comparison and debate that would justify for their destruction and killing that had last for almost 1400 years. They are unwilling to recognize their fault and severe brainwash caused by the Islamic cult Ideology that has been inserted through indoctrination since many generation. They are unwilling to compromise or find common ground.

For as much as I would like to turn away from the reality of what's going on in another part of the world, and live in my bubble world of peace and tranquility that I have enjoyed for many years in this great country. But it is almost like the reality of  ignoring that I may have a cancer somewhere in my body in which to do nothing about it. The same goes to the reality that the Islamic cult is a cancer of the world, and if it is not deal with it, that it will eventually consume the world and America. That is why I've always do my best that I can for America and the world, and at least participate in post and community in spreading the understanding and the ideology of the Islamic cult. Obviously, touching this topic does not bring too much friends. But it is a small price that I must pay in order to ensure that America and the world can be free from the enslavement of the Islamic cult. You probably think that this does not make a big difference, but it does make some different. But some of you are saying that there are already people out there doing their part in educating the people of the Islamic cult. But in reality it is a small voice compared to the loud voice being propagated by the Islamic cult. You must also do your part in making your voice be heard and showing your support in stopping the Islamic cult. I know that during my lifetime, I would see the reduction of the Islamic cult reduce into a small group in remote region. Even now millions of Arab that used to follow the Islamic cult no longer follow the Islamic cult. Unfortunate liberal media is not making this public awareness.

My whole point in this article is simple. Despite how much I would like to pursue the things that really fulfill my life and interest. They comes a point in life, in which some time you have to make physical and emotional sacrifice in order for the well-being of the masses. Not everything in the world revolved around an individual. We must work as a collective, even though we may have different point of view or belief. That is one of the things that make this country so great like no other. We come together in doing the best we can for America.

Before leaving any comment, please take a look at the important memo to your right.

Bless you all and be well.

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