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December 17, 2014. A time of shame.

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   I'm writing to you all to the great people of America Republic. On this date December 17, 2014 we are witnessing the greatest shame and treason that an American president can perform. No president has ever negotiated with terrorists of dictator, and yet Pres. obama has managed to achieve just that. For other they will view it as a socialist president negotiating with a Cuban socialist government. Again without asking for advice from the Congress or Senate Cuban representative, he went on his own without a clue of what he's doing and established an open dialogue and agreement with the dictator Cuban government.

Before I continue I would like to add a brief personal info about myself and my family descendent. I am the first generation descendent from Cuban family. Just so you were known my parents are not immigrant but refugees, escaping from a communist dictator. I will probably have a better understanding of the struggle of the Cuban exile than the general American population. We have been fighting for almost 56 years against a dictator tyrant with the hope that one day the Cuban nation will be free from the dictator. To be free to express themselves freely without the Cuban police arresting you and put you in prison for speaking out your mind. To be free to express your religious beliefs without the prosecution of the atheist communist government. Regardless of what other have said that the embargo has done little effort, the truth to the matter is that it has made it major contribution in keeping from the Cuban dictator to gaining even more power than the already have. I have heard all kinds of debate of what has been going on in Cuba. And trust me when I tell you that the only negotiation that we should do with Cuba is that the Cuban government openly declared that the government would no longer be under dictatorship. In the Cuban people now have the freedom as equal to the United States. But that has not happened yet.

And now in continuing with my article. I would just like to say that the United States is Probably living in a darkest moment in American history. For without understanding the significant of what has been going on in the Cuban government our socialist president has proclaimed that the embargo has not been affecting the Cuban government. The president has opened his arm to a communist dictator government that still are oppressing the Cuban people there Liberty and Rights. And not only that but the Cuban government has always been a key player in Venezuela converting into a dictator country. I know a great deal of the American people would argue and debate that it is time for the American government to establish some sort of dialogue with the Cuban communist government. But the Cuban communist government has not indicated or shown any sign of freedom or liberty.

And to show that I'm right there has not been any spontaneous outburst of celebrating on the street of Miami to what obama has done with the Cuban communist dictator. And why is that? (To be honestly a great deal of the people that live in Miami that has come from Cuba for the last decade, still have Fidel Castro communist mentality.) Because the traditional conservative Cuban do not see any victory. And I'm not referring to the castro Cuban that we have now in the US. But I'm referring to the conservative Cuban that has been here for 40 or more years. In fact the one that maybe celebrating victory are the Cuban communist government. For they are the one that won the battle. A Victory to communism and a defeat to liberty. And we have to give thanks to the obama administration and those who support him. He has also picked the appropriate time to throw this bombshell on to American history during a time of Jewish and Christian holiday celebration. Bringing shame to the American people and betrayal to the traditional conservative Cuban who has been fighting and hoping to bring freedom and prosperity to the Cuban country.

I thank you for taking the time to read this article.

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