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Donald Trump immigration solution (A)

    Good day everyone and welcome to my blog. This will be the first part of many article in which we are going to discuss about Donald Trump immigration solution. People have been asking for detail throughout many interview and wanted to know what will be the solution of deporting of many illegal immigrants out of the United States. Obviously as the campaign get closer to the election day and Donald Trump continue to be on the top on all the polls, many of the illegal immigrant will begin to find solution on being here in the US. Many will begin immediately to do the process of properly obtaining document to begin and become an American citizen. But there will be other that believe that they can continue to avoid the Laws and continue with the illegal activity.
   Despite of what you hear from the Democrat, liberal progressive and Univision that these illegal immigrant that the majority only come to work and are not criminal is a false statement. The moment you cross the border you are entering the country illegal and you're breaking the law, the moment you obtain a job without a work permit you're breaking the law, the moment you try to obtain welfare without being American citizen you're breaking the law, the moment you demand to get free healthcare even though you never pay your taxes you're breaking the law. So when you hear someone saying that they only come to work and they are not criminal that it is a false statement. For everything that they do while in the US is illegal and they are breaking every Laws, and that is not even counting of the speeding on the taxpayer money. This is a nation like any other nation in the world in which we have borders and laws, but once you begin to ignore the borders and the Laws it is called breaking the Law believe it or not. And the funny thing about this that the Mexican southern border that is connected with Guatemala, is that if someone crossed the border illegal they will be heavily persecuted by the Mexican border official, and this is a well-known fact. So the Mexican government do not practice what they preach when they complain and protest about the US border.

  But this isn't what this article is about but instead what Donald Trump is going to do about the immigration solution. You will be given different point and solution in regarding to different step to deport illegal immigrant, but the process made various in the order it will be given, and it is all depending on the different situation. All solution may not be covered in this first article but will be covered in other article that will be posted.


First solution.

  Build some kind of wall that will secured the border. With the borders secured it is estimate that we will stop about 5000 illegal immigrant that crossed the border every year. There has been report that it is double or more because of those who avoided border patrol or come to this country and surpass their visa permit.

Second solution.

  Deport all criminal illegal immigrant that are being held in prison. In that solution right there it is believe that it is about 5 million criminals illegal immigrant in prison. I am still surprise at that number but those are the numbers that have been reported out there.

Third solution.

  Enforce the Laws that already exist in regarding to businesses and corporation that hire illegal immigrant. There are laws that state that if you hired an illegal immigrant, that businesses will be charged a fine and possible persecute for breaking the law. Hopefully as the election get closer and the American business see that Trump is going to be president, they will begin to lay off illegal immigrant workers. Once the illegal immigrants see that they are unable to find work they will begin to go back to the home country the same way they came in, and right there you will see millions of illegal immigrant leaving the US.

Fourth solution.

  Stop the abuse of the 14th amendment which is also been giving the nickname as "anchor baby". As more is talk about the 14th amendment people are discovering that the interpretation and the way is being used today is misleading and false. And that solution will stop a great deal of illegal pregnant mother coming into the US. The estimated number on a yearly basis is within thousands.


These are just some of the solution that Donald Trump will implement in solving the illegal immigrant in the US. I will be making a continuing article in regarding to more of Donald Trump solution and the cost.

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Have nothing good to say, then don't say anything. (A)

    Hi everyone and welcome to my blog. On this article I would like to talk about something that I have been noticing in Google plus social network. And that is an increase of liberal progressive and anti-USA going after with negative post toward the GOP [of course that would be obvious]. But also what would be not obvious is an increase of conservative also going after the GOP. Of course I know that there are many disappointment of the things going on in our country since 2008. A lot of people feel that they have been betrayed and deceived. During 2008 through 2011 there was very little that the American people can do because the Democrats had control over the House and Senate. But on 2012 the Republican that control of the House and the Senate and get the American people believe that very little has been done to represent them. So obviously you must have heard in the media and in social network people using that phrase that I hate the most "they are all the same". But in reality they are not.
On August 6, 2015 began the first debate of the Republican Party nominee for president 2016. One of the candidate says something that struck me very clear and that was that this was a not a race between the Republican and the Democrat, but instead it this was a race between the conservative and the liberals. In short that means that the conservative represent that all American has the opportunity toward a goal of prosperity or higher education. What the liberal represent that all American has the opportunity toward a goal of prosperity or higher education or if unable to secede they would take it from somebody else that have it and give it to those who don't have. I know it's a little more complicated than that but that is a general idea between one party and another.

   Unfortunately the Republican Party has been trying desperately to achieve the goal of making this country economically strong again, but with little success. What they had done is to reduce the Democratic Party from going out of control and abusing the power of the position they have. By creating jobs in the private sector and encouraging the investor in investing in America and in American business this will create a domino affect in which then the American people would have the opportunity to seek for jobs they want. Once we begin to see a decrease in unemployment then there will be more taxes coming in to the government to cover expenses like teacher, firemen, police officer and other government agency.

   But there is something that I have learned that I did not knew before and that is when Congress want to pass a bill whether to help the economy or find it some government program, the bill can also include other article. I always thought that when a bill is passed that it only contained one article, but in fact a bill can contain many articles. So any time that the Republican want to pass a bill to increase economic growth, the Democrat will agree that to the bill unless they allow the to add something they want.
Just to give you a small example that if the Republican would like to cut taxes for businesses so they can have more money to hire people or more money to grow the business, the Democrat would added to the bill things like giving more money for those on welfare or cut funding for veterans. So now the public and find himself in a tough situation in which a bill to help boost our economy also contained another article to cut funding for the veterans. When the bill is passed in Congress and the Senate and the American people find out that the Republican cut funding for the veterans you were here and outrage how the Republican would do such things by cutting funds for the veterans. Now you will hear from both side criticizing the Republican Party. A what you fail to hear in the liberal media and in the liberal social network the whole fact everything that contain in the bill.

   This is one of the things that the Republican has to deal every time the trying to help boost our economy and that is the lack of information that the liberal media will put out there. It is bad enough that the Republican are in constant battle with the Democrat in the White House administration but also the lack of support from the liberal media. So now the general American for gaining information of the terrible things that the public and undoing so they would criticize and put out their messages throughout social network adding to the already negative information from the liberal progressive.

   I myself also find feeling frustration toward what's going on but unfortunately I do have some understanding of what's going on in Capitol Hill. But also many Americans say why do the Republican do something to defend himself against the Democratic influence. But there has been talk that if they do something major to stop the Democrat and the White House administration that this may create a civil war in America. We have already seen how they have been radical group like Wall Street occupier rallied together to create chaos in our country. And we have recently seen how liberal black leader rally the black community and create chaos in our country. The American people have been asking to impeach obama under the ground of many issue in which he has gone against the Constitution and cover up evidence that may incriminate him. But the Republican has not done anything to impeach obama, why? One possibility is that if they secede liberal progressive group and anti-radical group will create and entice the American people into a civil war. So the Republican Party has find themselves almost like being blackmailed situation. That if they do something, then the other would do something that go against this country.

   Just because we do not know so much of what was going on in Capitol Hill does not necessarily mean we should go and say something negative against our own party. For trust me when I say that this would not do any good for the Republican Party or solve any problem. You want to say something negative or have a complaint to your Republican Party simply write a letter like I've done many times. My father always taught me a philosophy "if you don't have something nice to say to someone else don't say anything at all". Let us try to help our Republican Party and support them as much as you can and if you have something to complain about write to them. When you post your complaint or disappointment on social network toward your own political party it is like kicking and hitting the boat that you're in. Eventually when you do that enough time don't be surprised if you sink the boat you're in. I hope some of you may understand this metaphor.

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