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Texas and the American mentality. (A)

  Welcome and thank you for visiting my blog. On this article I'm going to talk about many issue in which it will include cutting taxes, middle class and the wealthy, capitalism versus socialism and how everything can be determined if you are a patriot or not. Before I begin I just want everybody to have an understanding that I will always be a worker will beyond my retirement years and that is based on my education and job skill. I have no problem with that and I have no frequent and I do not blame anyone for the way things has developed in my life. Please read the whole entire article before creating assumption. You will be surprise that this article is not what you think. Doing the end of 2017 there has been a lot of talk on passing the bill to cut taxes not only for the middle class but also for the wealthy. As you will know very well that the conservative will see the benefit on how this will the middle class will save a great deal of money because of the tax cut bill, while the liberal will see on how this would benefit the wealthy by cutting their taxes and making them more wealthy. When in fact it will benefit both the middle class and the wealthy. But the big issue here is not so much on how the middle class would benefit on tax cut but how the wealthy would benefit also. Why is this a big issue? Because the liberal have the mentality that the wealthy should not have any tax benefit but instead take more from the wealthy. Even more they believe that they should take as much profit from the wealthy as they can. And for those of you that may not know that this is a communist or socialism mentality. So why is it that the liberals are so obsessed with this concept? It is not that they are communist or socialism, even though some would disagree. But let's give them them the benefit of the doubt that they do not have socialism audiology but simply want to take as much from the wealthy as they can.

 But is that the American way or even the American mentality? Soon we will be celebrating 200 years of the creation of Wall Street, and Shouldn't that tell you that the beginning of the independent of the United States was mostly founded on the idea of capitalism? Just beside the founding fathers establishing the Constitution and the Bill of Rights they also believe that capitalism will create a healthy and prosperous nation. Capitalism benefit everybody from those who establish a business and those who work for that business. 

 Before the creation of communism and socialism, capitalism in most part of the world it was a standard for any nation to thrive and grow. But back then those who work for anyone was encounter by an extremely hard labor and abuse by those they were working for. And also back then they were many Royal Empire that dominate and control the people. Eventually fighting against these kind of element communism and socialism was created. It tried to become a standard for many nation in the world but it came to fall and failed because of the same issue that the people encounter when they were employed by big labor and Royal empire. This is just a brief history of the past but there are many more details into how capitalism and socialism developed in the past.

 But coming back to the issue of this article why is it that the liberals believe that it is a must to take from the wealthy as much as possible? What the liberals are doing is simply reacting to the majority of the people complaining doing the hard time of economic problem since the beginning of the 90s. So liberals are taking the opportunity and advantage of hard economic problem by blaming and going after the wealthy. But if you look in the past this has been a strategy used by those who are looking to establish a socialism system. Instead of liberals focusing on the abuse of too much government spending and giving entitlement and free stuff for whoever wants it, they are going after the wealthy not to help the majority of the people but to gain more voters for their political party. The labels do not really have a sustainable platform in their political party to gain voters so they will resort to buying the American people by way of giving them free stuff from the government. But this is really un-American.

Like I said from the beginning I will always be working for as long as I can but this doesn't mean that I should hate the wealthy just because I'm always on the budget why don't have enough for some luxury. But the one thing to do not hear from the liberals that because of the wealthy people they are big corporation to employee many millions of American. Without wealthy individual this nation would be under socialism and we would have to take long lines to see if we can get a local bread or a gallon of milk. This is the lifestyle of a socialist system country. Every time I hear on how they attack on those who are wealthy is basically an attack on the American way of life. Many people from around the world go to great length to come to this country not only for the freedom we have because of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, but also because of the great capitalism system that we have in this country to make any simple individual become wealthy overnight. 

Capitalism is not an evil thing but communism and socialism is. But for the last couple of years we have Liberals falling on the extreme left and we have liberal media and liberal Hollywood promoting hatred toward the wealthy and big corporation. Just I know sometimes you are those who are wealthy and big corporation that take advantage and are greedy. But I see the same thing in poor community and middle-class community. But you see Hollywood make these movies on greedy corporation people trying to go after the small people and doing all kinds of terrible things. 

 But what Hollywood is not showing you the many Corporation are employed thousands of people and create product that makes people life more enjoyable. It takes wealthy people to create big corporation so we may enjoy cell phone. X-box game, healthy and organic food and many many other great product. Even the computer you are using to see my blog and go to social network all made because of wealthy people. You can show me many things negative things about wealthy people and I can show you 10 times more positive things about wealthy people. Maybe it's because the way I was raised or maybe because I began working at the age of 15 or maybe after working hard for many years having my own business and seeing the reward of making my own money. Or maybe because I have a patriot mentality and not a socialist mentality.

  All I know that I have nothing against wealthy people given a tax cut and knowing that they will put that extra money in expanding their business and creating more jobs. When everybody have a job without a doubt the economy becomes more healthy and stronger. A nation with a strong economy is the nation that can prosper in so many levels. And that is exactly what the conservative are trying to promote and liberals are trying to resist for it will make their party more weakerIt is truly American when the government do things to ensure and encourage the growth in our economy. It is truly American when politician do good things to help the wealthy to prosper knowing that they were turnaround and invest back into this nation. It is truly American to encourage and support capitalism.

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Won't stop fighting.

   Welcome and thank you for visiting my blog. Let us think about this clearly and imagine what was Donna Trump Junior thinking when he received an email of possible incriminating evidence of something about Hillary Clinton. If somebody sent me this email first thing that will come into my mind is curiosity as every human being has it. The second thing that will pop into my mind is as to what will be so serious and the incriminating that devotion would have and would be considered as sensitive material. My imagination will begin to one while thinking of possible Henry Clinton as involved in espionage, or possible evidence of selling or giving top-secret information promotion or other country. Wouldn't anybody be concerned or curious of this possibility?

Does anybody remember when Bill Clinton went to North Korea to get a an American reporter release from North Korea prison? Does anybody remember what was that Bill Clinton exchange to get the American reporter out? Even to the nobody knows what was given to the North Korean dictator in exchange for the American reporter. Maybe this will be evidence that the Russian lawyer might have that will incriminate Clinton? Or evidence as to what really happened therefore American died in Benghazi. These are the many things that I would imagine as to what evidence that the Russian lawyer made suggests that have they may be sensitive evidence.

Doesn't anybody believe that someone should find out and make a meeting with someone that is telling you that they may have incriminating evidence of someone that is running for president of the United States? I would definitely go to the meeting to see if there's something serious that the American people should be aware of incriminating evidence toward Hillary Clinton knowing about her past of lying and deceiving the American people.

But apparently after 20 minutes in to the meeting Donna Trump Junior saw that this was a waste of time and full of nonsense and abruptly decided to leave from the meeting. Since there were no exchange of money or product there is no evidence of any incrimination wrong doing. But don't worry leave it to the liberal media and the radical Democrat to exploit this and take it out of proportion. The whole idea toward the liberal agenda is to keep negative propaganda against president Donald J Trump and the Republican Party. 

This is a technique used in communism or socialism in order to overthrow a country and push their agenda. This is also a technique to make the American people frustrated and tired of listening to the news making them to not to want to listen anymore of the news so it would be easy for them to keep them uninformed of what is really going on in our country. That is why also for many years the liberal Democrat has been pushing to regulate the news media and the Internet.

How did you control is society? By controlling the information they receive. But we as American must not let this frustrate us and continue to get informed of the things that is going on in American society or we may use many of our freedom is the liberal Democrat of working so hard to take away from us. So Donald Trump Junior will be another scandal that we will be hearing for many weeks in order to keep our government and our economy from continuing moving forward. Thank goodness we have president Donald J Trump who was well familiar with this strategy and will continue to fight for the American people and continue to make this country great again.

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Democrat converting to Republican.

    Good day and welcome to my blog. In this article I will be disgusting an issued that we will be seeing a great deal of doing 2017 through 2018. And that is a great deal of American Democrat converting to Republican, as an example I was once a Democrat and change into a Republican during the Clinton administration. No one convinced me to change into a Republican by anyone not even my family even though they were Republican. The simple reason why I change doing the Clinton administration to Republican was seeing the many negative and reckless behavior that the Democrat were demonstrating at that time. Avoiding a long story and explanation the many disappointing action that the Clinton administration and the Democratic Party were demonstrating one of the major issues that impact me was the Texas Waco conflict 1993, Kosovo war 1999 and Elian Gonzalez 2000. Finally I came to a decision that the Democratic Party was not the party that I thought it was so I converted to a Republican. I have had no regrets since then. You should know that there is no such thing as a perfect human being or a perfect society or a perfect anything. But nevertheless comparing to Democrat and Republican the Republican seems to outweigh in many issue to be a more positive party than the Democrat. Of course I will not get into a long story or explanation of the many different that the two party has simply because I like to keep this article short.

   The main reason of this article is not how I converted into a Republican but how for many years I have been debating and arguing with two fire minds in regarding to political issue. Always trying to convince on how the Republican Party has a bigger interest in helping this country improve and progress in many area without destroying or taking away any of our freedom then the Democrat would have done. Also the many things that the Republican has done to help and improve people around the world. My friends has also seen what the Clinton and the Bush administration has done negative and positive. Course I will also not getting to a long debate as the difference between Clinton and Bush because our society has been contaminated with false propaganda spread out throughout many years as to what the Republican has done. Especially doing the eight years of the obama administration has contaminated our society with even more anti-Bush propaganda and glorifying socialist ideology. You may think what you may but honestly I do not give a d--n.

   Since I converted into a Republican I have had plenty of time to make some research and listen to different points of view to have a pretty good idea that I have no regrets in becoming a Republican. Although there has been many good debate between me and my friends it has never been enough to really convince them to change from Democrat to Republican. Some things in life you cannot change people by ways of wisdom or knowledge but simply being exposed through the experience of life. After experiencing the abuse of the obama administration and the reckless behavior of the Democratic Party and seeing Hillary Clinton get away with lies and deception still did not convince them to convert to Republican, even though they admit to be disappointed of the many things that the Democratic Party has been doing for the last couple of years. And now entering into the new president Donald J Trump administration they have seen how the Democratic Party promising to work together with the Republican in bringing this country together and helping the American people improve the economy and secure and protect the American people. And my friends had seen that their promise was nothing but a lie, but instead the Democrat has made it into the agenda not to help the American people but instead indulge their own personal agenda and keep president Donald J Trump from improving our economy and securing this country.

   So finally my two friends came to me and told me that they have finally made a decision to convert and become an American Republican. They said that they tried to deny the truth that they have been seeing the reckless behavior and socialist ideology that for many Jews the Democratic Party has been endorsing. The thought for sure that the Democratic Party was going to try to change and become a party of love and hope just like Hillary Clinton was promoting doing her presidential campaign. But instead they have been seeing even more hatred and division agenda than ever before. They told me that they believe that the Democratic Party has finally crossed the line and has become extremely to the left. Soon I will have two Republican friends in which we can talk to other people and say enough is enough. It is time for real change and real hope that would truly make this country great again.

  All this time trying to convince them with evidence and information that would make them change to Republican when simply the behavior and conduct that the Democratic Party has shown for the last couple of years and now entering into a new administration was enough to convince them and become a Republican. I believe now that we are going to see more of this as the American people will finally open their eyes and see the true face of what the Democratic Party is. But nevertheless for those of you who are conservative Republican continued to talk to friends and love one who may still be a Democrat and tell them to become a Republican so America can truly be a nation of greatness and prosperity and truly be exceptional once again.

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