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Is it enough to have the Constitution?

    Welcome to my blog and I hope you like this article. For long time people have been asking the question "Is it enough to have the Constitution or do we need more". When our founding father started designing and architecting the Constitution they never imagine that humanity would lose or give up certain moral and ethical value. They were convince that it will at last until the end of time, but apparently where losing those values. During the race for the 2016 presidential election many candidate have been a strong advocate and defender of the Constitution. Some of them have expressed themselves more than others for various reason. But all candidate have been asked if whether or not they are a strong supporter of the Constitution. And so far all candidate has given their answer of being a strong supporter of the Constitution.
  And so far Sen. Ted Cruz seemed to trademark himself as the only candidate that support and honor the Constitution above all other candidate. He seemed to advocate that the solution to all the problems can be resolved by the Constitution only. Before I go any further I would like to express that I to also and a supporter and owner the Constitution. I believe so far that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights is responsible for creating such a great nation as the USA. Without it we would have been still under the domain of a royal monarchy. Even today throughout history many country has been formed under a similar structure as the Constitution. Without a doubt we should be grateful for the wisdom of our founding father who have given us the Constitution. Even though that they express to separate state from religion, the Constitution was inspired and motivated by religious and moral values.
  Now coming back to the subject of this article Sen. Ted Cruz has made it very clear that to resolve the problem facing this country today is by upon constitutional rights. And I will call we agreed with that it only the majority of the American citizen still have a strong moral and ethical values. But I'm sure many of you of quite aware that for many decades this country has had a decline of many of our ethical values. We can all begin to debate of how all of this has begun. We can blame the movies, political and presidential leaders, educational incident and also religious incident. However we have reached the level of the client of moral and ethical values in a 21st-century. The issue is not how it has begun but how we can stop it. Even though Sen. Ted close has stated how he can fix the problem, but he has failed to realize that because the society has removed the principal of many of our moral values, we have by ignorant and miss interpreted the Constitution.
  And what do I mean by that? As an example we have always had the privilege and protection to express ourselves in any way we wish. But of course back then we had mobile and ethical values. But then we would not saying any dirty or foul language in public or even publishing. Some of you may think that would be silly to complain about that for it is quite normal to use such language today. But because of that today we can say practically anything including insulting and degrading other people. And they even use this in national media. In a way many of the problem facing this country today is because it is permitted based on the Constitution. Of course I'm not saying that the Constitution is the blame but instead it is human individual who have missed interpreted and taken advantage and abuse using our Constitution.
  So how is it that Sen. Ted Cruz is going to fix many of the problem facing in the US using the Constitution? Even though I am inspired and support many of Sen. Ted Cruz ideology. I don't think that he hold any practical solution. It is also not enough that politician go out and vote for Bill that would help this nation if it isn't applied or enforce. For example Sen. Ted Cruz has said it many times that he had voted many time to create a solution to this country southern border. And yet nothing has been done and the problem continue. Sen. Ted Cruz speak of wonderful and beautiful words, and bring many inspiration but that alone will not solve our many problems. We need more physical and actual action more than we need words.

  And that is where it always bring me to another candidate. Donald Trump has also said many wonderful things but mostly put his word into action. Even though he does not bring out the image of a charismatic individual, but luckily this is not a beauty contest. I'm looking for someone that has shown in the past to make things happen and get it done. I not looking for someone that knows how to play saxophone like Bill Clinton, or play the guitar like Sen. Huckabee, or played basketball and drink beer like obama. I'm looking for someone that believe in the Constitution but also can be ready to deal with the world terrorists who do not care not only of our Constitution but also the American values. Someone who can deal with Russian Pres. who still believe in applying and being bullied toward the neighbor country. Someone who knows very well of the economy and also to maintain and create a budget. Someone that also has the experience in creating jobs. And someone that also has a strong passion in helping this country make it great again.

  All the Republican candidate running for the position of president for 2016 has the will and desire to make this country great again. I think only one is willing and capable of putting things into action and making things happen. Donald Trump is also a candidate that cannot be influence by Lafayette or special interest. In fact he is the only candidate that said it he will refuse to accept to get paid the for being president. That means when he retire as a president he will not receive millions of dollars in which it is given to those who retire as president of the United States. All other candidate has much to lose because politics is all they have, but Donald Trump has nothing to lose and nothing to be. In that he has given much of his own financial wealth to run his campaign.
  I also believe that Donald Trump will become the major candidate for the Republican Party presidential, and that he will nominate Sen. Ted Cruz to be his vice president. And that will be a winning team that will surely beat any Democrat candidate.

I hope you enjoyed this article and remember before posting any comment please take a look at the important note to your.

Bless you all and be well.

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