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Don't feel ashamed. (A)

  Good day everyone. Today on this article I would like to speak about the sense of pride. We used to have not so long ago. Do y'all remember the time when we used to cheer "USA! USA! USA!". I do remember and I felt the pride that the crowd had when they were cheering. There is really no big reason why we should feel ashamed to show our pride. The United States has done so much to contribute and in today world democracy. That we should feel proud to know that we have some sense of influence in world political development. We started with a great concept for creating an independent Constitution with the common people in mind. Now every government in the world also create some kind of Constitution for the people to guide himself.

   Although history record that there has been a form of Constitution in old world history. There has never been a Constitution dedicated to the common people like the one that was established by the American founding fathers. In fact, the French Revolution was motivated and encourage base on the American Constitution. They are eventually made their own Constitution. But it show a great similarity to the American Constitution. This is something truly that all American should feel proud as a representative of the creation of the 1st Constitution for the common people. Today we have taking for granted what the simple parchment paper truly means to the everyday common American citizen. Below you we see a link that would take you to a website that give more detail of the Constitution.

Who would have thought that a simple parchment paper would have such a profound impact to the everyday common citizen. Other Constitution that were made in old history was mostly design to benefit some sort of Royal monarchy. But it would not benefit to the common people. Even the Roman and Greek also had a form of Constitution. Even our Constitution today give liberty to people in foreign country.

But nowadays it has become very fashionable to jump in and say something negative about the American past. When we are showing pride in how we feel what a great America has to offer. It is almost if someone will find one bad egg and imply that all eggs are bad. Or if there were a group of diamonds and one would have flow and you would assume that all other diamonds also have flow. Out of the thousands of things that this great country has done in the past to benefit the American citizen. People would take one negative thing on the past and put it under a microscope to enlarge it 10x.
Even if we talk about black slavery, people believe that there was going on all across the United States. When in fact, the great majority of slavery was mostly located in the southern region of the United States. And even that the southern region was known to have a great majority of slavery. Not everyone in those particular state encourage or practice slavery. A great deal of the people in the southern region were responsible in creating in helping the slavery escape through the underground railroad slavery. As you can see in the graphic below you will see that the great majority of slavery was practice. Of course I am not justifying in any way that slavery was acceptable.

   But my point is that even though we had dark moments in the United States. It was actually the Constitution that gave wave to bring about the end of slavery in the United States. It was also the common citizen that sacrifice to insured that the black people will be free of slavery. And a great deal of a president behind the motivation to insured that the black people will be free of slavery was Anaheim Lincoln (R). This too also had a major impact around the world in how people should perceive the concept of not having slavery. Another thing we can feel proud to have done. Today it is consider around the world for anyone to have a slave.

I will continue on this topic in the near future. 

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