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   Hello and welcome to my blog American style. I know a great deal of you are aware of American exceptionalism. Its unique aspiration has inspired people from around the world to apply this unique fundamental basic to be apply in the culture and in the country. Before our founding fathers the world was dictated by rulers and monarchy. There was very little freedom the people really had. When the founding father of the United States began to establish the ideas and principles. They would have not imagined what impact they will project into the world. They really did not have great power nor they were consider a great spiritual leader. These was simple man who believe that humanity should be able to grow greater than that was permitted and allowed to do. They saw that the soul inside humanity can aspire even greater than they had shown at that time.
And for a brief moment in world history. The inspiration that has been brought upon by the fundamental ideas that our founding father has given us. Has done more good to the world. Then all the previous great history of empires.

 But for the last century I have seen a gradual decline in America exceptionalism and patriotism. And even more in the last decade. That is why I decided to begin a blog bringing back the American values and patriotism. People views has grown in a European style. Also people had gotten a bad habit at every time someone mentioned something positive about America, someone would jump in contract the opposite. Always bringing something negative about America. Instead of appreciating the many positive things that the America has offered.

Yes, there are other blog and website about this subject. But they are always comparing and complaining about others. I would try to avoid as much as possible to bring an issue in a negative way. My objective is to show all the positive attribute in all aspects of American style. Not only as in political but also in our culture and history.

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Bless you all and be well, and thank you for visiting my blog.

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