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When is charity good, and when it is being abuse. (A)

   Good day everyone and welcome to my blog. On today's subject. I will be talking about charity. Believe it or not sometime it is good to be charitable but sometime it is not. We as American has always been good and kind to our American citizen. We also have been good and kind toward other people in other country. It is part of our fundamental in part of the American style. That is the benefit of being a country full of abundance. Not only did that we have an abundance of food to share with other. But we also had an abundance of wealth to share with other. And we always do it out of the goodness of our heart.

But when our good nature become an abuse and take it for granted. It is no longer be charitable, but being taken advantage. That is deftly not an American style. I have always have a simple phrase, and that is "use but do not abuse".

I just finished seen an interview were Mr. Bill O'Reilly interview Glenn Beck. Although I always appreciate many of Glenn Beck point of view, this is one in which I cannot totally agree with him. We are having a flood of illegal immigrant children coming across the Texas border in thousands. We can go back and forth in debating the reason for the flood of illegal immigrants. But the simple facts is that they are taken a vanish of our good nation. They could be all migrating on the nearby country. But they interned take the longer distant to come to America. They are quite aware that they will receive more in America. Then they would have in their nearby neighbor country. That is okay and quite understandable.

But they also should be aware of the time and the position we are living in in our country today. With $17,000,000,000,000 in deficits, and high unemployment rate. It is quite difficult to become charitable with what we do not have. These days our country spend more than what comes in from the taxpayer. And we also have problem of our own.

This do not put us in a position to give charity out of the goodness of our heart. This put us in a position to be force and be charitable. Glenn Beck made a point that this has been a country that always has helped those unfortunate any need. And that it is true. Every time there's a natural disaster not only in our country but around the world. We are always there to respond. But down this over flooding of illegal immigrant is being manage by government in Latin America to take a vanish of our good nation. And what Glenn Beck is doing is actually encouraging this abuse. There are already help being given to these it illegal children. In fact probably more than we do to our own veteran.

Although it seems that Glenn Beck have his heart in the right place. But his action is in the wrong way. Millions will be given to him in helping his cause. But a great majority of those illegal immigrant have no intention to pursue in becoming a citizen. They are here for only one reason. And that is to take advantage of our good nature, so they may receive some benefit. All of these benefit could have gone to veterans or even children that live in adopted agency program. We do to have children in need. We have people in homeless shelter in need of food and medical attention. And yet somehow they are not enough funding for these agency in group. And now billions will be spent on those majority that do not really care about the American culture.By Glenn Beck doing what he is doing it does not really help the illegal immigrants children. It only send the message to the family and children to continue to embark a dangerous and even a deadly journey to America. This is what he does not see.
This is not the American style.

  Let us say that I have enough food to feed myself and my family and enough money to take care of my financial need in my home. And then all the suddenly 30 people break into my house and asked for help. Although I would sincerely like to help them. But I am in no position to do so. Does this make me a un-religious, unkind or un-American if I am unable to help him? Of course not. But what Glenn Beck is doing is putting the American people in a un-compromise position.

So you must realize when I say when does charity is a good thing, and when it becomes an abuse.

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Thank you for visiting my blog. Bless you all and be well.

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