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American United (A)

   Good day everyone and welcome. I would like to start by saying that for the last couple years there is a new condition in conversation. And what do I say this? Not only that I have seen it on television and on the Internet. But I have also experience it when making conversation with people around me. So what is the new condition in conversation I am referring to?
Or let me give you an example. If I was say "What a beautiful sunny day It is". The will probably be additions somebody would jump in and say "Be careful with the Sun Ray for a may cause cancer". Although it may be true, I'm referring to the day in a superficial manner and not to express as a literary attitude. Another example, if I was say "I like eating healthy food like a good mixture of salad". Somebody would probably jump in and say "be careful for it may contain chemical or virus". Again, it may be true, but I'm trying to prefer as to the important of eating healthy food. Obviously we have to be a little bit more cautious of what we eating, including healthy food. But it is just the notion that people nowadays try to look as things in a negative way, or tried to be political correctness.
But here's another example for why I'm writing this article. Like if I was say "what a great country this is" or "this country is truly exceptional". Someone would deftly jumping in committee they criticize all the negative aspect that America has done in the past. It is almost campaign trying to take away your patriotism or you provide toward America. It is almost like it will be a sin to have any admiration for this great country. And also nowadays if you show any pride for this country, you were part of the likely be classified as some sort of racist. It is almost like they are trying not for you to feel United, but push you to feel divided.

You see this kind of conversation, not only in the debate in news network and talkshow. But also on the radio talkshow. And in the Internet. So what is the purpose of this campaign of negative feedback when you show any pride toward the country? Well, it is very simple and you must have heard it before.

"United we stand, divided we fall"

A very common phrase but yet you do not hear it anymore. Also, what people do not realize that if you go to any country in the world. You can find a positive aspect of the country and you can also find a negative aspect of the country. Whether it may be from the past or in the present. I can tell you one thing right now and that is that no one can take away my pride to this great country. It is not that I'm stubborn or close minded. But it's really is a simple fact.

Since the beginning of the founding father when the people were in a 13 colony. And began to to feel a desire to be free from a Royal dictator. It will be the beginning of a Domino affect that would affect other country around the world that are under some sort of Royal monarchy. That was just more than 200 years ago, and the country and around the world are now under some sort of government. Whether it may be a Democracy or a Republic. One thing for sure that many country are now free from some sort of Royal monarchy. No one cannot argue that the cause of this was started by the citizen that were living in America more than 200 years ago.I know somebody will probably find something negative with that statement. But try all you can to find something negative. The fact is that the majority of the country around the world of living free from Royal tyrant.

We just had a celebration a couple of days ago on July 4. People was celebrating with fireworks and barbecue. But I know that a great deal of the people really do not see the incredible significant of that day. We as a responsible citizen and parent should take the time and to the best of your knowledge explained to the children. The significant of that they on July 4. When a really should be referred as "July 4 Independence Day".

I would leave it to that for now, and will pick up this topic again in the later future.

Before leaving any comment please refer to the important memo to your right.

Bless you all and be well.

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